What the Council spends its money on

Councillor Sara Hardman
Councillor Sara Hardman

I refer to Mr Lightfoot’s letter on Thursday, querying what the Council spends its money on. The Council website is a source of much information, especially regarding the Council’s wages bill.

Our 90 district Councillors (yes 90!) not only had their basic salaries, but more than 70 of them received a Special Responsibility Allowance, totalling £589,260 last year.

A fair few Councillors earnt over £40-50k. Justified? Well they do have lots of responsibility, looking after the Council’s services, revenue and costs each year. But then I discover there is also a Chief Executive with a team of at least 8 Directors and 18 Assistant Directors. Of these, 7 earnt over £100k and 4 earnt between £95-100k.

The Chief Executive earnt a staggering £178,476 last year. Top profit-making companies often pay this amount to attract the right kind of people to their top positions. But the Council is not a profit-making company; it is a public service body operating for the good of its residents.

The Prime Minister, with far greater responsibility, only earns £142,500; how can the Chief Executive of Bradford Council earn more???

The mantra of “we’re all in this together” isn’t really working.

Sara Hardman, Falcon Road, Bingley