Open Britain up to the rest of the world

Open Britain, an anti Brexit lobby group are begging for donations to fund their anti UKIP rhetoric.

Their email of 28th April 2017 reads…

“Today, UKIP launched their General Election campaign by threatening the British people with their unique brand of intolerance, division and an extreme Brexit. UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, boasted that they “will act as the Government backbone” in the Brexit negotiations before announcing a campaign strategy to remove or block Remain supporting candidates.

*We can stop this! Our army of volunteers is mobilising to campaign for pro-European candidates in the forthcoming election, and with your support, we can campaign for the open, inclusive and prosperous Britain that we all want to see.*”

UKIP Bradford see this as a ‘Closed Britain’ tied to the 27 EU member states.

We should be free to trade with the rest of the world, on our own terms, free of EU legislation and bureaucracy.