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Do we need more Doctors and Nurses?

Apparently not!!!
Bradford University have a 12 month foundation course for students to go on and be trained as future doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc. at Leeds Medical School which is the Leeds General Infirmary.
The Bradford course generally caters for some 60 to 90 students. Besides going to tutorials at the university they go out into the wider world talking to groups such as the National Osteoperosis group in Bradford talking to some members about Osteoperosis and how it affects them, how they found out they had Osteoperosis etc etc. all the time gaining knowledge of the symptoms.
This all sounds really good until it comes onto who gets to go onto the medical school. Only the top 20 students get to go to the school as that is the amount of places available owing to cash cutbacks by the government. So if all 60 to 90 students reach the standard what do they do then? The Medical School can only take 20 because of the cutbacks so between 40 to 70 students are left in limbo without a career.
What do we think of that?
This tells me that the government want to add to the immigration figures by having to employ qualified doctors and nurses from the rest of the world. Why, as it doesn’t make sense to me?
We can give Foreign Aid to other countries but can’t look after our own people and this will only get worse.
Which would you rather do?
Cut Foreign Aid or use some of that money to finance our young people for the benefit of us all in the UK?
Stephen Henry

European Union are demanding £50 billion before we can negotiate

I understand that because the UK has now formally served the Article 50 letter, the European Union are demanding £50 billion before we can negotiate anything else. Why do our negotiators not ask the EU where they have got that figure from and also to see the audited accounts for the last 20 or so years to back up their figures. What about all our assets we have invested in during the past 44 years such as all the Parliament buildings etc?

Oh sorry, I almost forgot, the EU have no audited accounts as they have been refused to be signed off for the past 20 odd years or so.So what does that mean? I’ll leave it for you to judge.

Stephen Henry

Article 50 triggered

Paul Nuttal. UKIP Leader
Paul Nuttal. UKIP Leader

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall issued the following statement earlier:

“Today the Government has finally acted on the historic decision of the people of this country to leave the European Union.

“Finally, nine months after our vote the UK hasl formally informed the EU that we are leaving.

“UKIP is delighted that this is eventually happening. 24 years ago this party was formed to make this a reality, so it would be churlish to complain. We have been ignored, dismissed insulted and abused, but through determination and with good humour we fought on and we have succeeded.

“The nine-month delay has, of course cost the taxpayer additional billions, and has allowed those who would block the democratic will of the people to do all they can to spread discord, but we are here now.

“While negotiations continue we will continue to be the ‘guard dogs of Brexit’, holding the Government’s feet to the fire at home and our MEPs will be working to ensure our friends on the continent do not pull any fast ones.

“We will provide the political threat to ensure no backsliding takes place and ensure that Brexit does indeed mean Exit.

“With our six key tests we have set out a reasonable and clear position by which the Government’s negotiations can be held to account.

“But today, for now, we wish the Government and the Prime Minister well.

“If they fail in this historic task, 17 million people are ready to act.”

6 key tests to prove Brexit means Exit

1. The Legal Test: 

Parliament must resume its supremacy of law-making with no impediments, qualifications or restrictions on its future actions agreed in any leaving deal. Britain must wholly remove itself from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. No
undertaking shall be given in the leaving agreement that constrains the UK to being an ongoing member of the European Court of Human Rights.

2. The Migration Test: 

Britain must resume full control of its immigration and asylum policies and border controls. There must be no impediments, qualifications or restrictions agreed to in any leaving deal. We must not be bound by any freedom of movement obligation. The
departure terms must facilitate the Government finally making good on its broken promise to cut net annual net migration to the tens of thousands.

3. The Maritime Test: 

Joining the EEC involved a betrayal of our coastal communities at the behest of a previous Tory prime minister. They must not be betrayed again. Leaving the EU must involve restoring to the UK full maritime sovereignty. The UK must resume complete control of its maritime exclusive economic zone – stretching 200 miles off the coast or to the half-way point between the UK and neighbouring countries. We must ensure that no constraint other than its own physical capacity or the needs of stock preservation or replenishment – as decided upon by the UK Parliament – applies to our fleet. This will give our fishing industry a long overdue chance to recover.

4. The Trade Test: 

The UK must retake its seat on the World Trade Organisation and resume its sovereign right to sign trade agreements with other countries. The UK must have full legal rights to set its own tariff and non-tariff barriers consistent with WTO rules. This means
leaving the EU single market and customs union. Continued tariff-free trade, with no strings attached, may be offered to the EU, but if the EU declines the offer then WTO terms are the acceptable fall-back position. Post departure, both sides will have the ability to further liberalise trade on the basis of mutual gain.

5. The Money Test: 

There must be no final settlement payment to the EU, and no ongoing payments to the EU budget after we have left. We must also reclaim our share of financial assets from entities such as the European Investment Bank, in which it is estimated that some £9bn of UK money is vested.

6. The Time Test: 

Given that David Cameron held the referendum so early in the Government’s term of office, it is clearly reasonable to expect the Brexit process to be completed well before the next General Election. To go into the 2020 election with loose ends left untied or an open-ended transition still in progress would risk plunging the country into a new era of uncertainty and emboldening those who wish to overturn the referendum result. That is unacceptable. So Brexit must be done and dusted before the end of 2019.

Terrorism: Fine words are not enough

Paul Nuttal. UKIP Leader
Paul Nuttal. UKIP Leader

Paul Nuttall, the UKIP leader has called for action following the Jihadist attack on Westminster. He pointed out that the BBC security editor Frank Gardner has revealed that the security services must now track more than 3,000 Islamic extremists and that there are simply too many to track all the time. This is up from 1,000 a few years ago. So this problem is getting worse and is now out of control.

Mr Nuttall said, “It is estimated that more than 400 jihadis have been allowed back to the UK from Syria – this is grossly irresponsible. With the military defeat of ISIS in Mosul and the likely defeat in Syria thousands of battle hardened terrorists are likely to be fleeing into Europe, with many expected to try to enter the UK. Nobody who chose to fight for ISIS should be allowed back.

“Though we now know that the individual concerned was born in the UK this shows that we clearly have an integration crisis. It is time for the Government to actually start confronting practices that are dividing off Muslim communities; FGM, sharia tribunals, first cousin marriage, forced marriage, so-called “honour” violence etc etc. All are unacceptable in Britain.

“Muslim communities must do far more to cut this cancer out of their midst. We need a more rigorous and assertive official approach on this. There should be no more pussyfooting around agonising whether “Prevent” strategies risk stigmatising people. Muslim citizens – just like non-Muslim ones – need to know it is simply unacceptable to be aware of radicalisation but to withhold information from the authorities.

“UKIP will be the party that tells it as it is on these issues. We are on a disastrous path because of political correctness from establishment politicians.

“I urge the Government to stop all Saudi funding of UK Mosques. The Government should seize assets if necessary. To do anything less is effectively to be complicit in radicalisation.

Nuttall went on, “Nobody should be claiming anymore that this stuff has “nothing to do with Islam”. These acts are motivated by religious zealotry and are accurately described as Islamic extremism/terrorism as Defence Secretary Michael Fallon finally acknowledged on behalf of the Government today.

“We remember PC Palmer and his sacrifice, and send our thoughts and prayers to all the innocents from the UK and around the world affected by this act of terrorism.

“But while we do so we must act efficiently and quietly to ensure that this cannot happen again. Fine words are not enough”.

Our message, our fight and our cause

Stephen Place

After a suitable period of reflection and having sufficiently licked our metaphorical wounds. The hardworking loyal foot soldiers of the party need to come out fighting. We cannot lay down and let political commentators get away with describing us as ‘toast’. We cannot let Labour crow about their victory in Stoke, Corbyn called our policies ‘The policies of hate and divisiveness’.

The default preamble to talking about Ukip by many is that we are the ‘anti- immigration party’. This is part of our new challenge. We need to dispel resolutely and with a tinge of anger this nonsense. The message that we are not anti- immigration but for controlled and managed immigration has to be clear and forcibly reinforced at every given opportunity.

Forget a peace-meal approach to dealing with the media, we never get a fair shake of the dice. We should be Trump like in our suspicion and derision of the media, they are not our friends. Michael Crick from Channel 4 should simply be banned from any involvement with this party, he is a true Ukip hater, we will never win with him and we will never receive a fair balanced reporting of anything we say or do. Read his tweets and you have a flavour of how much he detests anything and anyone to do with the party.

Where do we go, apart from Immigration? David Davies has said last week that we can expect uncontrolled immigration to carry on for years to come, we have to highlight this. We have to make it known to the public that the Tories just cannot be trusted on immigration.

We need more though.

Ron Fiddler, also known as Jamal al-Harith was detained by the Americans having been found in an Iraqi jai in 2004, he was taken to Guantanamo bay, Baroness Chakrabarti a newly promoted Corbynite Labour peer actively campaigned for his release along with David Blunkett the then Labour Home Secretary, lovely Ron was released and given a £1 million pound handshake for his trouble in 2009. In 2014 he went to Syria with his wife and four children, they later fled Isis. He blew himself up last week in a suicide bomb mission killing several Syrian policemen. Nothing has been said, the Baroness has never been asked an uncomfortable question about this. This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

2017, we have people lying on beds in corridors in under funded poorly performing hospitals and dying, literally dying. Yes we have an ageing population and this is the stock reason offered by politicians, no one is mentioning that 600,000 new people who came to live here last year, a new population the size of Newcastle with the right to free health care at the point of use. This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

Gangs of Muslim men across this country are responsible for the industrial scale sexual abuse of young vulnerable girls, some as young as thirteen, thirteen! FGM is a continuing growing horrendous problem, it is being practiced in London right under the nose of the self –righteous Lord mayor who never talks of it, never addresses it, we must take him to task, over 5,000 cases last year alone and not one single prosecution. This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause. Polygamous marriages within certain faith groups are being allowed to flourish here in Great Britain, often the girls being married are under age. This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

Over 6,000 Asylum seekers have failed their claim to remain in this country and we have not removed them, they remain here on benefits at the cost of the tax payer. We are borrowing to then pay out £12 billion per annum to overseas aid, much of it is lost amongst consultants and agencies. There is no measurable outcome to this expenditure. We pay .5% of our GDP more than any other country to overseas aid, yet many elderly people in this country do not and cannot have a reasonable level of care in their dotage. This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

The vanity project that is HS2 is now estimated to cost up to £156 billions. This is a folly of unprecedented scale. It will disturb and displace thousands of people, cut a scar through some of our most precious countryside to get people to Birmingham from London 30 minutes quicker than you can now, freight is the clarion cry from the enthusiasts. This is a lie. This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.

Sharia law, education, house building policing, crime and defence are mainstream topics and should not be ignored but we are and have to be radical, outspoken and honest.

Stephen Place
Chair Ukip Richmond (Yorks)

What Now?

Stephen Place

Well Kippers the Prime Minister has given a speech today which at the outset fulfills all the requirements of the 17.2 million who voted to leave the EU on the 23rd June 2016. That historic day only came about because of the diligence, hard work and honesty of Nigel Farage and our party as a whole.

So what now? Firstly we should and will not, ever take our careful eye off of the Brexit negotiations. We cannot afford to allow the Tory government a free unchecked pathway to possibly stitch up the actual withdrawal agreements. We have to ensure that all negotiations are what is best for Great Britain and its people.

That being said it could be argued that we would now remain in the default position, seen by many of the press of that of a single issue campaigning party. That is just not right.

Recent local council elections, the second place at the very recent bi-election in Sleaford and North Hykenham were a tremendous boost to this party, given the right candidates, further success is guaranteed in Stoke Central and Copeland.

We had for the 2015 General Election a tremendous manifesto with many unique common sense policies fully costed by an independent body. This manifesto, which spoke to the hardworking families and individuals with policies that should have resonated with the very people we seek to help and represent was, in my opinion lost among a cacophony of noise surrounding race. We just cannot afford make that mistake again.

Going forward we have to now stop solely talking about the EU. No it is not by any means job done. But the message we have to start promulgating to the disillusioned Labour supporters, hardworking families, the police force, their families and support services who have no voice, the social workers striving under intolerable conditions, the Doctors and Nurses and the armed services too, is that Ukip is your friend, we speak for you and we understand your problems and issues.

We have to make them understand that our policies speak to their problems as they steer their way through the tory cuts and underfunded services. We have to tell them that they should not, and would not with Ukip have to make do. We have to tell them that we, Ukip will not label them with a juvenile, condescending name such as the JAMS. They are people, the backbone of this country and with Ukip they will be heard.

Patriotism is a call to the flag. To talk about being proud to be English and British is a cause worth pursuing. Our history and ethos should count. To be British is to be proud and upon the world stage it is to be the best. We have to get this message out, yes for all his rhetoric we can actually take a lesson or two from Donald Trump. We too have to start using the language of putting Britain first. Our competitors have to be in no doubt that, although we seek fairness in all our deals and trade, any such agreements must be in the best interest of this nation.

Our children must leave school with Britishness in their very beings. They must know and understand the difference between right and wrong. They have to have a work ethic and a sense of community alongside a tolerance and understanding of other peoples who live here. Segregation, selfishness and prejudice have no place in the future of this nation. That is the message that is easy to sell.

Ukip has to be the future. I am 55 years old (I know I don’t look it) in my lifetime I have only known a Conservative or labour government, yes we had a bit of a coalition in 2010 but clearly the Tories wore the trousers in that relationship. So 55 years of Conservative or Labour governments and where are we? People dying on trollies in corridors in overstretched and underfunded hospitals, 9,000 ex- service personal sleeping rough on the streets, together with many more people.

We have gangs of largely Muslim men using and abusing at will young vulnerable girls. A decimated totally demoralised Police force and a NHS service in total disarray. Rail and tube strikes affecting hundreds of thousands of people, People using food banks and politicians who still will not answer directly a question, politicians who fudge and dodge anything that they think will come back to bite them.

Ukip spokespeople are honest, upfront. We tell it as it is and we are warmly received for it. We should now put together a common sense manifesto that we can stand behind, speak loud and proud about and most importantly we just have to start talking about it.

Stephen Place
Chair Richmond (Yorks)

UKIP Bradford Chairman Resigns

UKIP Bradford & District Chairman Jason Smith has announced he is to resign as district Chairman

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

Mr Smith has been chairman of the Bradford & District branch for 12 years, having been elected back in 2004. During that time Mr Smith has guided the UKIP branch to become one of the most successful in the region achieving record votes in local elections and in parliamentary elections, specifically in Bradford South where he stood in 2015 receiving a 25% share of the vote.

Mr Smith also led the leave EU referendum campaign in Bradford as head of the districts Grassroots Out (GO) campaign group.

In a statement, Mr Smith said: “During my tenure as chairman I have had the privilege of working with many great people, together with colleagues we built a branch that significantly punched above our weight in both local and parliamentary elections.

This year I achieved my own personal political ambition when I led the Leave EU campaign in Bradford and secured a win for leave in Bradford against all the odds, the fact we achieved a win for leave was great testament to our activists and supporters, the majority of which were UKIP. While I have enjoyed the 12 year ride as leader of Bradford UKIP, the role has taken a great toll on me, my family and my business and I feel this is the right time to step aside and pass the torch. I wish my successor all the best.”

UKIP calls for inquiry in to Child Sexual Exploitation in Bradford

Figures released to UKIP Bradford show that there were 627 reports of ‘sexual crimes’ against Children, in Bradford, in 2014. Since the beginning of 2015 there has been an average of 10 reports per week. (94 until 16th Feb 2015).

The problem of serious child sexual abuse in the city has been known about publicly since 2002, with warnings from former MP Ann Cryer. Since then the fate of children in Bradford District has been ignored, overlooked and brushed under the carpet.

Whos who in child protection in Bradford:
Cllr Ralph Berry has been in post since 2010, prior to him heads or Chair of Children’s and Social Care services have included: Eric Pickles MP, Kris Hopkins MP and David Ward MP. The infamous head of Rotherham Children’s Services Joyce Thacker, who was forced to resign after the biggest child abuse scandal in this country’s history, was for many years the Head of Youth Services at Bradford Council. UKIP believe it is also likely that the same ‘community sensitivities’ that the Rotherham child abuse report highlighted are also responsible for the Labour councils lack of action on this matter.

UKIP calls upon the West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Labour’s Mark Burns-Williamson, and Bradford Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services, Labour’s Cllr Ralph Berry to recognise these figures, accept that they are far too high and explain why nothing tangible appears to have been done to protect children in Bradford.

UKIP Chairman Jason Smith says: “While these figures are shocking, the most shocking aspect of this abuse is that the issues of child sexual exploitation are seen to be generally ignored by Bradford authorities.

In consideration of the high number of incidents reported to the police in Bradford, we are asking the council to establish an inquiry into the care of children in Bradford, especially for those have been in local authority care.

If the council is unwilling to undertake an independent inquiry, through their own Independent Safeguarding Children Board, we will be lobbying for an Independent Judicial Inquiry into the care of vulnerable children in Bradford.”

Ann Cryer’s comments:

In 2013 Kris Hopkins sought to point out that Ann Cryer had tried to raise this issue, however, in Hansard (para 110), Mr Hopkins fails to mention that he was the Chair of Social Services in Bradford at the time. – He was a person who could have acted.