Open Britain up to the rest of the world

Open Britain, an anti Brexit lobby group are begging for donations to fund their anti UKIP rhetoric.

Their email of 28th April 2017 reads…

“Today, UKIP launched their General Election campaign by threatening the British people with their unique brand of intolerance, division and an extreme Brexit. UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, boasted that they “will act as the Government backbone” in the Brexit negotiations before announcing a campaign strategy to remove or block Remain supporting candidates.

*We can stop this! Our army of volunteers is mobilising to campaign for pro-European candidates in the forthcoming election, and with your support, we can campaign for the open, inclusive and prosperous Britain that we all want to see.*”

UKIP Bradford see this as a ‘Closed Britain’ tied to the 27 EU member states.

We should be free to trade with the rest of the world, on our own terms, free of EU legislation and bureaucracy.

Do we need more Doctors and Nurses?

Apparently not!!!
Bradford University have a 12 month foundation course for students to go on and be trained as future doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc. at Leeds Medical School which is the Leeds General Infirmary.
The Bradford course generally caters for some 60 to 90 students. Besides going to tutorials at the university they go out into the wider world talking to groups such as the National Osteoperosis group in Bradford talking to some members about Osteoperosis and how it affects them, how they found out they had Osteoperosis etc etc. all the time gaining knowledge of the symptoms.
This all sounds really good until it comes onto who gets to go onto the medical school. Only the top 20 students get to go to the school as that is the amount of places available owing to cash cutbacks by the government. So if all 60 to 90 students reach the standard what do they do then? The Medical School can only take 20 because of the cutbacks so between 40 to 70 students are left in limbo without a career.
What do we think of that?
This tells me that the government want to add to the immigration figures by having to employ qualified doctors and nurses from the rest of the world. Why, as it doesn’t make sense to me?
We can give Foreign Aid to other countries but can’t look after our own people and this will only get worse.
Which would you rather do?
Cut Foreign Aid or use some of that money to finance our young people for the benefit of us all in the UK?
Stephen Henry

European Union are demanding £50 billion before we can negotiate

I understand that because the UK has now formally served the Article 50 letter, the European Union are demanding £50 billion before we can negotiate anything else. Why do our negotiators not ask the EU where they have got that figure from and also to see the audited accounts for the last 20 or so years to back up their figures. What about all our assets we have invested in during the past 44 years such as all the Parliament buildings etc?

Oh sorry, I almost forgot, the EU have no audited accounts as they have been refused to be signed off for the past 20 odd years or so.So what does that mean? I’ll leave it for you to judge.

Stephen Henry