Sara Hardman wins seat on the Bingley Town Council

Branch Secretary Sara Hardman
Branch Secretary Sara Hardman

Congratulations to our Branch Secretary Sara Hardman who has won a seat on the Bingley Town Council. Very well deserved.

Results of the Crossflatts and Micklethwaite ward election for Bingley Town Council:


Political Party Votes
UKIP 164 votes (34.6%)
Conservatives 132 ( 27.9%)
Labour 94 votes (19.8%)
Green 45 votes (9.5%)
Independent 39 votes (8.2%)
Sara: litter picking
Sara: litter picking

From Sara:

So I am now a UKIP councillor for Bingley Town Council with 35% of the vote and very proud. I won this election for 2 main reasons. Firstly, I had a core UKIP vote of around 20%. Secondly, I was the only candidate that took the time to knock on residents’ doors and listen to their concerns. This is what being a Councillor is about, consulting with the community and addressing their needs. Thank you to everyone who supported me, believed in me and voted for me.

What Now?

Stephen Place

Well Kippers the Prime Minister has given a speech today which at the outset fulfills all the requirements of the 17.2 million who voted to leave the EU on the 23rd June 2016. That historic day only came about because of the diligence, hard work and honesty of Nigel Farage and our party as a whole.

So what now? Firstly we should and will not, ever take our careful eye off of the Brexit negotiations. We cannot afford to allow the Tory government a free unchecked pathway to possibly stitch up the actual withdrawal agreements. We have to ensure that all negotiations are what is best for Great Britain and its people.

That being said it could be argued that we would now remain in the default position, seen by many of the press of that of a single issue campaigning party. That is just not right.

Recent local council elections, the second place at the very recent bi-election in Sleaford and North Hykenham were a tremendous boost to this party, given the right candidates, further success is guaranteed in Stoke Central and Copeland.

We had for the 2015 General Election a tremendous manifesto with many unique common sense policies fully costed by an independent body. This manifesto, which spoke to the hardworking families and individuals with policies that should have resonated with the very people we seek to help and represent was, in my opinion lost among a cacophony of noise surrounding race. We just cannot afford make that mistake again.

Going forward we have to now stop solely talking about the EU. No it is not by any means job done. But the message we have to start promulgating to the disillusioned Labour supporters, hardworking families, the police force, their families and support services who have no voice, the social workers striving under intolerable conditions, the Doctors and Nurses and the armed services too, is that Ukip is your friend, we speak for you and we understand your problems and issues.

We have to make them understand that our policies speak to their problems as they steer their way through the tory cuts and underfunded services. We have to tell them that they should not, and would not with Ukip have to make do. We have to tell them that we, Ukip will not label them with a juvenile, condescending name such as the JAMS. They are people, the backbone of this country and with Ukip they will be heard.

Patriotism is a call to the flag. To talk about being proud to be English and British is a cause worth pursuing. Our history and ethos should count. To be British is to be proud and upon the world stage it is to be the best. We have to get this message out, yes for all his rhetoric we can actually take a lesson or two from Donald Trump. We too have to start using the language of putting Britain first. Our competitors have to be in no doubt that, although we seek fairness in all our deals and trade, any such agreements must be in the best interest of this nation.

Our children must leave school with Britishness in their very beings. They must know and understand the difference between right and wrong. They have to have a work ethic and a sense of community alongside a tolerance and understanding of other peoples who live here. Segregation, selfishness and prejudice have no place in the future of this nation. That is the message that is easy to sell.

Ukip has to be the future. I am 55 years old (I know I don’t look it) in my lifetime I have only known a Conservative or labour government, yes we had a bit of a coalition in 2010 but clearly the Tories wore the trousers in that relationship. So 55 years of Conservative or Labour governments and where are we? People dying on trollies in corridors in overstretched and underfunded hospitals, 9,000 ex- service personal sleeping rough on the streets, together with many more people.

We have gangs of largely Muslim men using and abusing at will young vulnerable girls. A decimated totally demoralised Police force and a NHS service in total disarray. Rail and tube strikes affecting hundreds of thousands of people, People using food banks and politicians who still will not answer directly a question, politicians who fudge and dodge anything that they think will come back to bite them.

Ukip spokespeople are honest, upfront. We tell it as it is and we are warmly received for it. We should now put together a common sense manifesto that we can stand behind, speak loud and proud about and most importantly we just have to start talking about it.

Stephen Place
Chair Richmond (Yorks)