A frosty start to the day

I awoke on a bitterly cold morning today to be met with an equally frosty headline from the T&A:

£82m cuts proposed by the Labour Council. £8m cut from care to the elderly and £65k cut from the Warm Homes programme;

Are our pensioners not struggling enough already to keep warm in this weather?

But it could have been worse; Cllr Hinchcliffe could have announced the cuts in the middle of a summer heatwave. By then, the rats will have taken control of our streets, brought on by the fortnightly bin collections, and pest control services will have been scrapped.

What is to become of our beautiful city? I have my own ideas on how to cut costs, but I doubt the Council would be interested.

Sara Hardman

UKIP Bradford Chairman Resigns

UKIP Bradford & District Chairman Jason Smith has announced he is to resign as district Chairman

Jason Smith
Jason Smith

Mr Smith has been chairman of the Bradford & District branch for 12 years, having been elected back in 2004. During that time Mr Smith has guided the UKIP branch to become one of the most successful in the region achieving record votes in local elections and in parliamentary elections, specifically in Bradford South where he stood in 2015 receiving a 25% share of the vote.

Mr Smith also led the leave EU referendum campaign in Bradford as head of the districts Grassroots Out (GO) campaign group.

In a statement, Mr Smith said: “During my tenure as chairman I have had the privilege of working with many great people, together with colleagues we built a branch that significantly punched above our weight in both local and parliamentary elections.

This year I achieved my own personal political ambition when I led the Leave EU campaign in Bradford and secured a win for leave in Bradford against all the odds, the fact we achieved a win for leave was great testament to our activists and supporters, the majority of which were UKIP. While I have enjoyed the 12 year ride as leader of Bradford UKIP, the role has taken a great toll on me, my family and my business and I feel this is the right time to step aside and pass the torch. I wish my successor all the best.”